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You could say, I was born to do this… I was born COVERED in spots.

A nurse walked in to check on my mother, looked at the chart and said “aww, Charlotte” looked at me and then proclaimed “Spotty Lottie!” My poor mum burst in to tears and the rest as they say, is history. When I launched my brand in 2009, there was really only one choice for a name!

So, I’m Charlotte, the founder of Spotty Lottie, welcome to my website! I live in South Gloucestershire with my partner and our 2 dogs, Arnold and Magnum (the naughtiest dogs you’ll ever find). 

Spotty Lottie began as a womenswear clothing and accessories company. I had graduated from University and needed to use my Fashion design degree somehow. I rented a space to work from, it was freezing, a bit damp (a pipe actually burst once and flooded the whole room!) but it was a dedicated workspace and I loved it.

Over time, kids clothes replaced adults, and I had successfully built up a reputable brand, working full time since 2013. However, after making kids clothes for 10 years, I had lost the joy in my work, and the business became a chore, I’d fallen out of love with it all! I decided towards the end of 2023 to try something new… It was either that or quit altogether.

I went back to the drawing board, thought about the products I really wanted to make, and how they would keep me creative and excited about the business. I have created a brand new range of fun and modern accessories, which I think perfectly encapsulates the new chapter of Spotty Lottie. My particular favourites are definitely the bumbags, the combinations of fabrics are endless and they are just perfect for summer festivals! I’ve completely fallen in love with sewing again, and am now happily working away in my home studio.

Please take a look at my items, and do get in contact if you’d like a custom order created just for you. Thanks for stopping by!

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